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Bank of America "Higher Standards" redesign

once again, our internally produced designs were chosen over outside agency offerings.

this was a complete facelift to introduce the new "Higher Standards" brand platform featuring a revised logo, color palette and rectangular style.

arc-free redesign

done completely in-house, this was a comprehensive facelift to retire the aging "arc" branding element.
redesign for 800 resolution

my team gained notoriety when our internally produced designs were chosen over competing world-class agency offerings.

this complete overhaul leveraged growing customer monitor size to create a more targeted marketing space — we could now truly merchandise products and services in this virtual store window.

homepage clean up

not satisfied with the agency's work, i worked closely with my internal team to polish up the homepage.

this effort not only fixed design details such as the broken brand "arc", but it also put my newly formed design team on the map — elevating production artists to designers.

post-merger transition

after Nations Bank bought Bank of America, i was brought on as a consultant to direct the creative production of a newly consolidated Bank of America web site.

while working with an agency to create the new homepage, i assembled a team of production artists to implement the lower-level pages already designed by a previous agency.

original pre-merger homepage

in my first weeks at Bank of America, i did some maintenance work on the original homepage including a tune-up which significantly decreased file size and load time.